• A Battle Area is an Area where (…)
  • This page covers only the areas related to the storyline. The event area: Arena is excluded.

Battle Areas

Fighting Power

Icon Fighting Power
Main article: Fighting Power
The Fighting Power of a boat displayed in Battle Areas, Arena, and Crusade is the sum of Fleet Power of Modules of the boat and Hero Power of the Heroes on the boat. The PvP matchmaking algorithm of Arena and Crusade refers this value.
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Icon Raid
Main article: Raid
  • A Raid is a way to get some rewards without fighting in the Battle Areas by consuming 3 Battle Energy.
  • You have to finish the Battle Area on Hell difficulty for unlocking this feature.
  • In contrast to "Fight" in the Battle Areas, Hero XP is not given.
  • Changing the difficulty of Battle Area: Normal, Hard, and Hell, won't change the rewards, you always get the rewards of Hell difficulty.
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