• To get the Crusade you must build the Crusade Office, unlocks at player level 12.
  • Earn treasures and finish the crusade to discover the ultimate Gold Chest and earn the best loots.
  • During the Crusade, the state of your boats will persist between fights and sunk boats will be gone.
  • You can play Crusade once a day.
  • Tip: To progress the furthest in the Crusade, make sure that all your boats have the same power.
  • Currently the highest level of crusade is 26. At this level, max enemy power is 14000 and you are rewarded 30000 gold coins when completed.


Silver Chest

Icon Silver Chest

Main article: Silver Chest
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Gold Chest

Icon Gold Chest

Main article: Gold Chest
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Fighting Power

Icon Fighting Power
Main article: Fighting Power
The Fighting Power of a boat displayed in Battle Areas, Arena, and Crusade is the sum of Fleet Power of Modules of the boat and Hero Power of the Heroes on the boat. The PvP matchmaking algorithm of Arena and Crusade refers this value.
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