• Evolution is the process of turning a Hero or a Module into its more powerful form.
  • In this wiki, the form is called: "evolution level" that is represented by star icons.
  • Heroes evolve by acquiring Hero Medals.
  • Modules evolve by (…)

Evolution of Heroes

  • Evolution works like a tier system. Evolved Heroes get better stats as they progress through Common (one star), Silver (two stars), Gold (three stars), (?) (four stars) and (?) (five stars) tiers.
  • Evolved Heroes get different background style on their cards based on their Evolution level. (add example images here)


Icon Medal

Main article: Medal
  • A Medal is an Item used to acquire or Evolve heroes.
  • Medals are loot collected in Battle Areas, Events, Chests, and Daily Rewards (Rolexo's only).
  • The maximum number of medals of a hero that can be obtained in a Battle Area is limited to 10 per day.
  • Check each Hero's page to see the number of medals required to acquire or Evolve him/her.
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Evolution of Modules

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