Fleet Power is a guide value that represents the sum of offensive and defensive power of a Module.
The Fighting Power of a boat displayed in Battle Areas, Arena, and Crusade is the sum of Fleet Power of Modules of the boat and Hero Power of the Heroes on the boat. The PvP matchmaking algorithm of Arena and Crusade refers this value.


The values of the Adjust are different from module to module. Default = 1.
The decimals will be rounded off after each operation.
The Adjust values listed here may be outdated by app updates.


Life × Adjust × Buffs
  • Navarre:
    Adjust = 1.1
    Life × 1.1 × Buffs
  • Dandolo: Dandolo Protector series:
    Adjust = 1.2
    Life × 1.2 × Buffs


(Damage Per Shot ÷ Reload Time × 20 × Adjust × Buffs) + (Life ÷ 2 × Buffs)


Life ÷ 2 × Adjust × Buffs
  • Dandolo: Protector Sail series:
    Adjust = 0.75
    Life ÷ 2 × 0.75 × Buffs


Life ÷ 2 × Adjust × Buffs



Sometimes the Fleet Power that you calculate is different from the actual Fleet Power. It's caused by rounding off decimals, or outdated Adjust value.
To know the actual Fleet Power of a module, check the boat's Fighting Power before and after attaching the module in the configuration view. The difference is the actual Fleet Power.
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