A Guide Quest is a mission that explains what a player should do next.
Guide Quests may not be given in the order listed below.

Season 1

Get the Light Pearl (tutorial)

  • Giver: Espada
  • Objective: Hit the solar pearl

Washed Ashore 1/2

Icon Gunny

Washed Ashore 2/2

Upgrade raft

Right as rain 1/2

Our friends, the Monkis

Unleash the Skill

Let's fight a bit

Happy Harbour 1/2

Happy Harbour 2/2

Need house

Icon Monki Groki

Plant (quest)

Shaman house (quest)

Icon Monki Soki

Discover the world

Gentleman Merchant

Icon Peep

Food on me

A Pirate cannot wait

Collect earnings

Espada Memories

Mines for the Dummies

  • Giver: Sam
  • Objective: (none)

Seaside Street

Be my hero!

Let's get stronger



Warehouse (quest)

It's not for the kids


Boosting your assets

Getting a Pearl

Pearl Workshop (quest)

Icon Monki Poki


Get an Advanced Pearl

Mr Wing knows about deals

Icon Mr Wing

Notifications (1)

Notifications (2)


Let's be privateer


BoatFamiliesExplanations Crossbow (tutorial)

BoatFamiliesExplanations Generic (tutorial)

Bloody Blades (quest)

Champoo the Antiquarian

Icon Champoo

Bugonauts (quest)

Silver Fish (quest)

Gold Eater (quest)


Icon Mansoole

Shady 1/3

Shady 2/3

Shady 3/3

Animal Rights

Icon Smoothie

Animal Rights 1/2

Animal Rights 2/2


Season 1 - Epilogue

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