• A Module is a unit of Boats crafted in the Shipyard.
  • Hull: A main unit that every module and crew of the boat go on.
  • Sail: A module that protects the Weapons in the back and is weak to Arrow.
  • Weapon: A module that can damage modules of an opponent's boat.
  • Nose: A module that protects the front of the Hull.


Icon Hull
Main article: Hull
  • A Hull is a Module (…)
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Icon Pearl
Main article: Pearl
A Pearl is a Module that (…) Hull.
Some Pearls can be crafted in the Pearl Workshop.
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Icon Weapon
Main article: Weapon
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Icon Sail
Main article: Sail
A Sail is a Module that is found on most ships. The sail protects the top and back of the ship, and any weapons hidden behind it. It has limited health, and once destroyed, leaves the ship vulnerable. Most sails are weak to Arrows.
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Icon Nose
Main article: Nose
  • A Nose is a Module (…)
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Icon Weakness
Main article: Weakness
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Main article: Evolution
  • Evolution is the process of turning a Hero or a Module into its more powerful form.
  • In this wiki, the form is called: "evolution level" that is represented by star icons.
  • Heroes evolve by acquiring Hero Medals.
  • Modules evolve by (…)
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Icon Fusion
Main article: Fusion
  • Available for the Modules of evolution 4 and 5 (4-star and 5-star).
  • Gives +20% (× 1.2) buff to modules per fusion level.
  • The fusion level increases when a sufficient amount of fusion XP is obtained.
  • The fusion XP is obtained by sacrificing modules, or by consuming Fusion Stones.
  • The fusion progress is not lost by evolution of the module.
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