"Prisma is a fearless Navarre Admiral. She knows everything about the art of naval tactics, strength and bravery."
The Magnificent Prisma has made an appearance, she is the keeper of the Navarre Wood! (Note: Blue Wood)

Possible Crew


The Tech Gem Navarre always drops in the Mission 3, and then it drops randomly.
Mission Gold XP Items
1 280 5 Andy Medal, Blue Wood x4
2 515 10 Andy Medal, Blue Wood x6
3 801 15 Andy Medal, Blue Wood x8, Tech Gem Navarre
4 1363 20 Andy Medal, Blue Wood x11
5 2081 25 Andy Medal, Blue Wood x15
6 2644 30 Andy Medal, Blue Wood x18
7 ??? ??? ???
8 ??? ??? ???


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